LodgeRunner is a Cloud-Based Reservations Management System

LodgeRunner is a web-based booking application. That means that all of your data (customer lists, reservations, source codes, room names, etc) is stored on a web server. The data is backed up daily and is kept secure by the same encryption technology used by online shopping websites. Since no data is stored on your computer, you don't need to worry about backing up your data.

To access their data, users go to our log-in page, which is also accessible from the LodgeRunner home page. Users log in to the program using a unique username and password. Each company using LodgeRunner can set up as many different users as they need. For example, the lodge owner, manager, and assistant manager could have individual usernames and passwords and could all be logged in at the same time. Each user always sees up-to-date information. You could have different users logged in and booking trips from different parts of the world.

Since LodgeRunner is a web-based application, that means it is also platform-neutral. In other words, you can use a Mac or a PC. There is no software to install. All you need is to be connected to the internet.

LodgeRunner is upgraded frequently, and the upgrades are delivered automatically. These upgrades are included in your monthly rate, as is support by telephone and email.

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