LodgeRunner Pricing

Pricing for LodgeRunner is broken down into three components: Customization, Data Import, and Monthly Hosting & Maintenance.


Some LodgeRunner installations require customization. Every operation is a little different and we will go out of our way to make the program work for you. We charge $100/hour for customization. Once you try our free demo we can discuss the changes you will need and we can present you with an estimate for the customization fees. Many of our new customers require little or no customization to begin using LodgeRunner!

Data Import

While it is possible to start with a blank slate, most of our customers opt to import some or all of their existing data. We can import data from just about any database system on the market. In the vast majority of cases we can import your data at no charge. Occasionally we come across a data format that take a lot of work to import, and in that case we charge $100/hour to import your existing data.

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance

Our monthly fee covers your data storage, accessiblity, data backup, service, and support. Troubleshooting, fixing glitches, and minor modifications are also covered by your monthly fee. Monthly fees start at $50/month and depend on your business volume, number of users, and the number of LodgeRunner features that you use.

New Customer Promotion

New customers can save 20% on their first year of monthly fees by paying for their first 12 months of service in advance!

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