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Room Assignment Features:

  • Room Grid: LodgeRunner has a color-coded room grid that you can view in 7-day, 10-day, 14-day, and full-season increments. You can click on rooms to assign them to a booking, or enter the dates and the rooms to assign a block of rooms. You can enter notes like "2 twin beds" or "John & Betty" underneath the party name in each cell. The room grid can be printed one week per page.
  • Double-Check Rooms: The Booking Screen displays a summary of room assignments with a color-coded tally. At a quick glance you can see if the # of guests, dates, and # of room matches the size and date for the party.
  • Add Charges as you Book Rooms: Many operations like the hotel-style system where each room booked creates a charge. We also work with many operations that charge by the package and the room rate is included in the package, so we have made this an optional feature. Use our setup screens to define the charges to associate with each room. You can create different rates for different seasons and have exceptions for holidays if necessary.
  • Requested Rooms: If guests frequently request certain rooms, you can enter these requests before booking their rooms. Requests show up specially designated on the room grid so you know not to move those room assignments.
  • Moving Rooms: It's a snap to move room blocks around on the Room Grid. Just click a cell, click move, and click the new room. You can move a single room-night, a room for multiple nights, or an entire party all at once.

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