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Announcements & Upgrades:

11/16/22: New "Unresolved" Booking Status:
The "Res List" works best when you don't have to view old bookings at the top.  Most bookings can be closed immediately after departure, but there are usually a few that linger at the top of the list for various reasons.  If you have bookings that can't be closed yet but are taking up space at the top of your "Res List", you can now change their status to "Unresolved".  Your "Res List" will show the number of unresolved bookings as a reminder to process them at some point.  To change a booking's status to "Unresolved", view the booking, click "Select an Action..." and select "Change Status to Unresolved" and click "Go."  This new status will allow you to tidy up your "Res List" and always be viewing your next upcoming bookings at the top of the list.

11/15/22: New Date Format Option on Res List:
You now have two options for viewing each party's dates on the Res List.  The default is to view a date range, like Aug 23-25.  In this mode, you can hover over the date to view the year of the booking.  If you would like to view the year, you can opt to just view the arrival date in M/D/YY format.  To change this setting, go to the bottom of your "Res List", click the "Customize" button, then adjust the "Format of Date Column" setting.

10/25/22: New Full-Screen Layout:
You've been asking for it and it's finally here!  The LodgeRunner window is now formatted to fill your entire browser window!  The display automatically fills all the way to the right side of your window and several of the sidebars have been enhanced to show more information when you widen your screen.  For example, the "Res List" sidebar now shows rooms (or guides) assigned in wide-screen mode.  The room grid and guide grid have also been enhanced to automatically utilize as much screen space as possible.  Both grids now have options to view 7, 10, or 14 days at a time.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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