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Announcements & Upgrades:

8/16/22: Retail for Walk-In Customers:
You can now enter retail transactions for walk-in customers using the Tablet Retail Screens.  These screens have up until now been limited to recording retail transactions for registered guests.  Now you will see "Walk-in" as an option at the beginning of the list of parties on the first step of the process.  To enable this feature, go to Setup -> Tablet Screen Settings -> Retail Transaction Screens.  Select a screen, then edit and click the "Allow Walk-Ins" checkbox.  You can also view a sidebar that shows all of your tablet retail screen transactions.  Contact support to have this sidebar added to your main menu.

8/2/22: New Booking Change Log:
There is now a "Log" button on the Booking Screen that allows you to see a history of changes made to each booking.  This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple team members making adjustments to bookings.  The log includes the user who made each change, the relevant table, and a summary of the change.  The log tracks changes to rooms, charges, guide trips, scheduled groups, gratuities, payments, flights, hotels, and retail items.

8/1/22: New Color Codes for Interests:
Interests are like keywords that you can use to describe a contact. If you tag a contact with one or more interests, you can later search for that interest in various reports. To add interests, go to Setup -> Contacts -> Interests. After entering your interests, you can optionally edit each one and assign a color code. To assign an interest to a contact, click the "Add Interest" button on the Contact Screen. The interest will appear on the Contact Screen in the color that you specified. You will also see interests when you search for a contact. In the search results, each interest will appear next to the contact name as a color-coded box. The color codes are particular useful for implementing blacklists.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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