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Announcements & Upgrades:

6/14/21: New Housekeeping Portal:

Check out the new Housekeeping Portal!  Similar to the Kitchen Portal and Guide Portal, this is a specialized version of LodgeRunner built for a specific type of user.  To view the Housekeeping Portal, set up a new or existing user with the "Housekeeping" role by going to Setup -> Users.

The Housekeeping Portal provides read-only access to the dashboard, message board, housekeeping reports, the room grid, and a calendar that shows the status of each room for each day. The dashboard items can be edited by going to Setup -> Dashboard -> Housekeeping Dashboard. Reports displayed include all of your active housekeeping reports.

6/11/21: Two New Printable Room Grid Reports:

You can now print the room grid for any time period.  Go to Reports, then look for "Room Grid (1)" and "Room Grid (2)" under the "Rooms & Occupancy" heading.  You may need to click "Show All" to move these new reports to your list of active reports.

Room Grid (1) is a simplified room grid that shows available cells in green and booked or n/a cells in gray.

Room Grid (2) shows party names and colors. Available cells show in green and n/a cells show in gray.

If you want to print these reports and your date range does not fit on a single landscape page, use the "Make Printer Friendly" button at the top of the screen. It will divvy up the room grid into multiple one-page sections that will print on separate pages.

6/3/21: Re-bill cards via Square:
Those of you who have integrated LodgeRunner with Square can now save cards on file and re-bill them later.  In the Payments screen and the Reservation Center, you will now see an option to "Save Card" when you process a payment.  The overall user interface for Square payments has also been improved.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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