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Announcements & Upgrades:

9/25/23: New Experience Level Option:

You can now add an "Experience Level" drop-down list to your Guest Info and Guest Notes screens. You can populate the list of options by going to Setup -> Contacts -> Experience Levels. To add the new field to the Guest Notes screen, go to Setup -> Bookings -> Guest Notes Columns. To add the new field to the Guest Info screen in the Guest Reservation Center, go to Setup -> Advanced -> Guest Reservation Center, click "Guest Info", and then click "Add a New Field."

7/17/23: Email Reports as PDF files:
You can now email any report as a PDF file attached to an email message.  On the reports screen, change the "Report Format" from "HTML" to "Email as PDF".  This will bring up a draft email message with the report attached as a PDF file.

6/24/23: Changes to Text Messaging from LodgeRunner:

LodgeRunner uses Twilio.com to send text messages. Twilio has recently implemented several changes to reduce spam text messages. They have implemented mandatory processes for verifying the brand associated with each phone number used to send text messages. Due to these changes, LodgeRunner can no longer host local numbers for you.

Starting July 5th, you will have two options for sending text messages from LodgeRunner. We have registered a new general-purpose toll free number you can use if you don’t need your messages to come from a local number. To switch to that option, go to Setup -> Other Integrations -> Twilio. If you want to continue sending from a local number, you will need to establish your own Twilio account and link it to LodgeRunner. Please find instructions for setting up your own Twilio account on the Setup -> Other Integrations -> Twilio page.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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