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Announcements & Upgrades:

6/28/20: Add Gratuity Option to Make A Payment Page:
 For those of you who are using the "Make A Payment" page to facilitate online credit card payments, you can now add a gratuity option.  To enable this feature, go to Setup, then Payments, then "Make a Payment."  There are currently two options: 5, 10, 15% and other, or 15%, 18%, 20% and other.

4/30/20: Send Uploaded Files via Email:

You can now select multiple uploaded files and send them in a single email message.  You can upload files (images and PDFs) to a booking by using the "Files" button on the booking screen.  It's common to use this feature to collect waivers and flight itineraries.  If you use LodgeRunner's waiver system, this is where you will find all the signed waiver PDF files.

If you ever have the need to send multiple uploaded files in an email, go to Reports, then Bookings, then Uploaded Files.  Search for the files by arrival date or document type.  When the results page appears, click "Email Documents" to begin creating your email message with the files attached. 

4/15/20: New Cancellation Features:

There is a new "Cancellation Value" field on the booking screen.  It only shows on bookings with status=Cancelled.  In this age of cancellations, a lot of users have been asking about the best way to cancel trips in LodgeRunner.  Here is a guide:

1.) Make one or more notes on the booking to describe all the charges, guide trips, special groups, room assignments, and so on.  Include the total value of the booking.

2.) Remove all room assignments, charges, guide assignments, special groups, and any other charges.  At this point you should owe the guest the total amount that they have paid.

3.) Add any cancellation fees.  It's good to make a separate charge code for these fees.

4.) Refund the payments minus any cancellation fees.  The balance should now be zero.

5.) Click the "Cancel" button to designate it as a cancelled booking.

6.) You can now enter a value in the "Cancellation Value" field.  This should be the original total value of the booking.  Sometimes it's also helpful to use your booking types to create a "COVID" booking type to separate those cancellations from any other cancellations.

7.) Use the new "Cancellations" report to see the original value of each booking, the cancellation fees, and the net value cancelled.  This report can be filtered by booking type, so you could view all the COVID bookings together if you have classified them as such. 

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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