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Announcements & Upgrades:

8/2/21: Transfer Funds between Bookings:

You can now transfer funds from one booking to another.  The target booking has to be an active or "Dates TBD" booking and the two bookings need to share at least one guest in common.  You can also create a brand new "Dates TBD" booking and transfer funds to it all in one step.

To transfer funds, go to the Booking Screen and select "Transfer Funds to Another Booking" in the "Select an Action" list and click "Go." You can then select the amount and whether you want to select an existing booking or create a new "Dates TBD" booking.

6/29/21: New Tablet Checkout Option:

You can now hand your guests a tablet that will allow them to add a gratuity and make their final payment.  To enable this feature, go to Setup -> Tablet Screen Settings -> Tablet Checkout.  You may need to click "Show All" on your Setup screen to find this option.  Once you enable the tablet checkout screen, you will see a "Checkout" link on your dashboard.  To use the tablet checkout screen, log in to LodgeRunner on your tablet and click the "Checkout" link.  When you click the link, the checkout screen will appear in a new window.  You can then close the main LodgeRunner window.

The checkout screen will display today's date and show all parties checking out on that date. You can adjust the date to see parties checking out on different dates. Select a party, then select the guest, and a summary of the total bill, gratuities, and balance due will appear. You can set different gratuity options and guests can always enter a custom gratuity amount. After adding a gratuity, your guests can enter their card number to pay their balance. The checkout screen is compatible with Authorize.NET, Braintree Payments, Square, Stripe, and FattMerchant.

6/14/21: New Housekeeping Portal:

Check out the new Housekeeping Portal!  Similar to the Kitchen Portal and Guide Portal, this is a specialized version of LodgeRunner built for a specific type of user.  To view the Housekeeping Portal, set up a new or existing user with the "Housekeeping" role by going to Setup -> Users.

The Housekeeping Portal provides read-only access to the dashboard, message board, housekeeping reports, the room grid, and a calendar that shows the status of each room for each day. The dashboard items can be edited by going to Setup -> Dashboard -> Housekeeping Dashboard. Reports displayed include all of your active housekeeping reports.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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