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Announcements & Upgrades:

12/7/20: New Kitchen Portal:
We have added a new "Kitchen" user role and an associated Kitchen Portal for this type of user.  The Kitchen Portal is similar to the Guide Portal - it shows chefs and other kitchen staff only the information they need to see.  They can view upcoming dietary restrictions and kitchen notes, meal schedules, the room grid, and all kitchen related reports.  There is a separate dashboard of kitchen-related items that you can edit for your operation.  To test the Kitchen Portal, go to Setup, then Users, and change a user's role to "Kitchen".  The next time they log in they will go to the Kitchen Portal.

11/3/20: Add Processing Fees to Credit Card Payments:
If you accept cards via Square, Stripe or Braintree Payments, you can now add a processing fee to each payment.  First, set up a "Processing Fee" charge code.  Then go to Setup, Payments, and "Payments Setup" and/or "Make a Payment Page" to set up your processing fee.  You can specify the percentage you would like to charge. 

8/30/20: New Zoho Integration:
LodgeRunner can now integrate with the Zoho web-based CRM platform.  Look for the "Zoho Settings" screen under Setup, then "Other Integrations".  When you connect your LodgeRunner account to a Zoho account, you can import/export contacts to and from each platform.  Do you use Zoho?  If so, let us know how to expand this feature to help your business.

To view more, log in and go to Setup, then Announcements & Upgrades.

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