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Are you still doing pre-registration the old-fashioned way (collecting hand-written information sheets and entering the information into your booking sytem)? LodgeRunner helps to streamline the pre-registration process. Add a simple link to your confirmation email to send your guests to a secure page where they can enter their personal information, flight details, pre-trip and post-trip hotel bookings, and even sign your release form. See at a glance who has and has not completed their pre-registration info.

Pre-Registration Features:

  • Guest Information: You can specify which guest info fields are shown and/or required. Options include company, address, nickname, email, phone, date of birth, medical issues, fish/hunt license #, dietary restrictions, emergency contact info, passport information, weight, height, gender, hair color, eye color, wader size, boot size, and driver's license.
  • Sign Waivers: You can create waiver templates complete with signature boxes. When a guest signs a waiver, a PDF version is saved to the corresponding booking for your records.
  • Flight Info: You can provide a link for guests to enter their flight information. Details include the airport, airline, flight #, eta/etd, and number of passengers. Flight info entered by guests is marked for staff review.
  • Hotel Info: Some lodges help guests arrange hotel stays the night before and/or after their lodge stay. As part of the pre-registration process, you can provide a link for guests to enter their actual or desired hotel bookings. Hotel info entered by guests is marked for staff review.
  • Room Sharing Info: For parties booking multiple rooms, you can allow them to specify how they would like to split rooms between the different members of their party.
  • Track Pre-Registration Progress: With a glance at the Booking Screen you can quickly see pre-registration progress. There is a link to review pre-registration info that allows you to mark each guest as complete. Your LodgeRunner home page dashboard can also display parties that have incomplete pre-registration info.

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