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LodgeRunner is a big help for Hunting Outfitters

Hunting Outfitters have special requirements that LodgeRunner can help address. Some outfitters have hunts with dates that are scheduled years in advance plus other hunts with flexible dates. You may also need to collect hunters' license information or help them apply for their tags and charge them license fees. LodgeRunner can also help you stay on top of deposits, progress payments, and final balance payments for each trip. LodgeRunner has all the tools you need to stay on top of your bookings for each hunting season.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Hunting Outfitters:

  • Licenses: You can record License Numbers in LodgeRunner and even upload scanned copies of licenses and tags directly to each booking. Create charge codes for adding license fees to a booking. You can also hold license fees from year to year when hunters are not successful drawing their tags.
  • Scheduled Hunts: Hunting outfitters frequently have a mix of scheduled hunts and non-scheduled hunts. For example, you might have four one-week deer hunts each fall that can accommodate 6 hunters each. Those would be considered scheduled hunts. LodgeRunner helps you view availability for these scheduled hunts quickly when you log in. Non-scheduled hunts would be any booking where there are not set arrival/departure dates, like a lion hunt or an upland bird hunt for example. Guests can book these types of hunting trips to fit their schedule.
  • Track Deposits and Balance Payments: LodgeRunner helps you track deposits, progress payments, and final balance payments. You can enter your payment policy into the system and then view a color-coded summary of your bookings that shows who has paid on time and who hasn't.

Other Features:

Hunting outfitters may also find many of the Hunting Lodge features useful. Also check out the Trade Show and Website Inquiry features!

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