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Almost every lodge and outfitter website has a "contact us" or "reservation request" form. This information usually gets emailed to the lodge manager and then it has to be entered again into the booking system. LodgeRunner can save you a huge step by hosting your inquiry form so that the information goes directly into your booking system.

Advantages of having LodgeRunner host your Inquiry Form:

  • Thank-you Email: You can have a thank-you email sent instantly to the person making the inquiry. That way they know you are working on it and will respond ASAP.
  • Email Notification: You will also receive an email notification with the full text of the website inquiry.
  • Dashboard Notification: Website Inquiries also show up on your LodgeRunner dashboard when you log in. You can opt to dismiss the inquiry, create a new contact, or match the inquiry with an existing contact or booking. You can then reply to the inquiry using one of multiple email templates that can include images and PDF attachments. For instance, you might have a general inquiry response template and then others that provide information about specific types of trips.
  • Inquiry is automatically matched with Existing Contacts: LodgeRunner offers suggested matches when you view each website inquiry. The program compares names, email addresses and phone numbers to find a match.
  • Automatically Add Inquiries to your Email List: You can set your inquiry form to automatically add the new email to your MailChimp email list.

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