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LodgeRunner can help you run your Hunting Lodge

Hunting lodges have special requirements that hotel software package cannot address. LodgeRunner can be a big help when it comes to assigning guides, processing game, and processing website inquiries. Marketing is a huge factor in the hunting space and LodgeRunner can help you mine your contact list so you can reach the right people via mail or email.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Hunting Lodges:

  • Assigning Guides: LodgeRunner makes guide assignments easy. Enter your guides, rate codes, and destinations, then simply assign the guides to each booking. Morning half-day waterfowl hunts with one party and afternoon fishing trips with a different party? No problem! Double-bookings and no-shows are a thing of the past. You can even let guides log in to check (and optionally set) their schedules.
  • Kill Tags: LodgeRunner has multiple formats for printing guest information on labels for processed game meat.
  • Processing Inquiries: You can dramatically streamline your website inquiry process by having LodgeRunner host your website inquiry form. Set up custom inquiry fields (like the desired season, game species, and so on), set mandatory fields like first name, last name, phone # and email address, and have your webmaster insert the form into your website. When web visitors send an inquiry, you will receive an email notification and a receipt can be sent to the visitor. Then the inquiry appears on your LodgeRunner dashboard along with possible matching contacts and bookings. From there you can fire off an email template to respond to the inquiry.
  • Marketing: LodgeRunner has a complete suite of reports that allow you to search your contact list. Search by interest, state, charge code, source, time frame and many other fields. When you view your resulting contacts, you can export them to a spreadsheet, print labels, or export email addresses.
  • Multiple Booking Types: You can define multiple color-coded booking types. That makes it easy to visually identify hunting bookings vs fishing bookings, drive-ins from lodge stays, and so on.
  • Retail: LodgeRunner has a full-blown retail inventory feature. Enter your gift shop and other retail items and then apply them to each booking. You can create separate bills for each member of a party if necessary. You can even create tablet screens for the gift shop or the bar that allow your staff to quickly enter retail purchases.

Other Features:

Check out the Kitchen Reports, Room Assignment and Trade Show features!

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