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Charter Boats
Use LodgeRunner to book your Charter Boats

Charter Boats pose a challenge for booking systems because operators mix and match different parties to fill the seats on each boat. We have adapted LodgeRunner to work for this specialized application. You can define the number of seats in each boat and easily view how many open spots you have on each boat each day. Many Charter Boats services also book lodge rooms, hotels, and even guided fishing trips. LodgeRunner can handle all of these aspects of each booking.

Who is Using LodgeRunner?

Special Features for Charter Boat Services:

  • Mix & Match Parties: LodgeRunner has a special set of features that allow you to define each boat and specify the # of seats in each boat. You can then assign these seats to different parties. One-week and full-season screens quickly show you where you have seats to fill.
  • Display Availability on your Website: We can create an availability widget for your website that helps people find openings on your boats. We can do this in several styles. Some outfits put all of their availability info out where guests can see. In other cases we set up a form where website visitors enter their requested dates, the # of anglers, and then receive an answer regarding the availability.
  • Book Trips Online: Taking this idea one step further, we can allow guests to book seats on your boats online. Simply integrate LodgeRunner with one of our supported payment processors and we take care of the rest.

Other Features:

Charter Boat Services also use many of the basic features of LodgeRunner common to other fishing and hunting lodges. Check out the pre-registration, Bar Tab/Gift Shop, and kitchen reporting features!

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